10 things about me...

1) I am a born and raised Los Angeles native.

2) My mom is Cambodian and my dad is Honduran.  They met in a class learning to speak English.

3) I've always known from a young age that I would grow up to do something tangible and creative.

4) Two things I love about my "job," is meeting incredible people and seeing breathtaking places that you'd never be able to imagine.

5) I can sign language the alphabet and ask to go to the restroom.

6) I love crafting and DIY projects.  My latest obsession is making cheeky cross stitches for my Etsy store!

7) I enjoy taking pleasure in marathon movie days and road trips with my husband and dogs.

8) My family and friends are the most awesome people ever! #truestory

9) My favorite type of food is: anything SPICY!

10) Creating art on my human canvases gives me joy. <3